Discovering Your Perfect Hair Experience

At Gold Society, we’re all about making your hair dreams come true. Here’s a quick rundown of our services and how to get started:

New Client? Our front-of-house team will chat with you to understand your hair goals. They’ll match you with one of our talented stylists to look after you. For a clear plan and quote, they may recommend a complimentary in-salon consultation.

Consultations: If you’re eyeing hair extensions or a major colour change, a consultation is a must. This is where we dive into your expectations, maintenance, and allocate the right amount of time and services for your appointment. You’ll walk out with a clear quote and maybe a strand test for good measure.

Hair Extensions: We’re head over heels for extensions! They’re the secret behind those enviable hair transformations – whether it’s length, thickness, or a new colour. Our specialists use multiple methods tailored to your hair type and desires. Book a consult to see the magic unfold.

Tiered Pricing: Our pricing structure is based on our team’s experience, achievements, and education. We offer multiple price points to suit your budget and needs. Rest assured, each GS babe is well-trained, ensuring a queen-like experience, no matter who you choose.

Your hair journey begins here, and we can’t wait to make it a reality!

Dreaming of longer, fuller hair? Or maybe wanting to ad pops of colour, minus the damage? Our extension services will turn your hair fantasies into reality. With multiple techniques including the miraculous miracle wefts, you’ll be turning heads with bombshell hair even insta would be jealous of!

We can elevate your blonde game. Our experts will craft the perfect shade of blonde, embracing your unique style and personality. From bright and creamy, to the perfect golden hue….Get ready to shine!

Oops, a colour gone wrong? No worries…. We live for this! Our experts will work their magic to bring your hair back to its stunning glory. Book a consult to see how we can help you!

Let your hair be the canvas for our expert stylists. From stunning highlights to rich, dimensional hues, we’ll craft the perfect color for you.

It’s not just a haircut; it’s a transformation. Our stylists are here to bring out your best, leaving you with a fresh af look that oozes confidence. Our haircuts all include a blowdry to allow us to perfect the look you’re going for.

Got a night out on the town? Let’s dial up the glam! Our party-ready styling is all about turning heads and dancing ’til dawn.


Add on to all services: Accredited Green Salon: $3 per client

Note: These are starting prices and etxra costs will incur for thick or longer hair.

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