Hair Extensions

For women who want long, luscious locks…

Are you unhappy with the length or thickness of your hair?

Gold Society Hair Extensions will have you looking and feeling like a movie star.

Unlike salons who use poor quality hair which damages easily and matts together. We use only the highest quality AAA grade Russian hair extensions. Giving you both length, thickness AND beautiful colour. 

Don’t wait to enjoy having long luscious locks… Enquire Today!


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We have 5 unique packages to suit the needs of our clients with a large variety of colours in stock.
But if you are unsure which package is right for you or have questions about hair extensions, please contact us to speak to one of our stylists or for a complimentary consultation to discuss your dream hair!
Filler Package1 Pack (50g)
Indian Tape$349
Euro Mix Tape / WEFT$449
Premium Russian Tape / WEFT / Micro Bead$499
Premium Russian Invisible Tape$549
Luxe Russian Flat WEFT -
Volume Package2 Pack (100g)
Indian Tape$649
Euro Mix Tape / WEFT$849
Premium Russian Tape / WEFT / Micro Bead$899
Premium Russian Invisible Tape$949
Luxe Russian Flat WEFT $999
Maximise Me Package3 Pack (150g)
Indian Tape$919
Euro Mix Tape / WEFT$1219
Premium Russian Tape / WEFT / Micro Bead$1299
Premium Russian Invisible Tape$1369
Luxe Russian Flat WEFT $1449
Deluxe Package4 Pack (200g)
Indian Tape$1,199
Euro Mix Tape / WEFT$1,599
Premium Russian Tape / WEFT / Micro Bead$1,699
Premium Russian Invisible Tape$1,799
Luxe Russian Flat WEFT $1,899
–  All Includes Shampoo & Conditioner – 

Our goal is always to deliver our very best work but ask you please respect that we are professionals. This may mean at times we say no…. we want to help you achieve your hair goals, but not if it significantly compromises the integrity of your hair. We will always give you our honest and realistic advice and expectations.

**extra product may be additional/ pricing subject to change. 
All prices include GST. Prices are current at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice.
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